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Trips suitable for children!

Who has children knows very well that when they travel they have to choose a place where to spend their holiday that is able to engage children in activities designed for them, and also suitable for family life. MontefeltroLiving tries to help you providing ideas to identify suitable places and facilities, immersed in the greenery of Montefeltro, where you can spend beautiful days with your children.


“Fairy tales do no tell children that dragons exist. In fact children already know that. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be defeated”. Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Huge nonsense, 1909

The great success of the “Bosco dei Folletti”, with fairies that accompany children and adults in the forest inhabited by elves and by the Piticù family, and the Animal farm, are just the most well known proposals. There are also the Organic Garden, the Garden of Scents, fruit trees, rows of grape vines and the path of Hebert, Canadian bridge, the so-called “lo Scoiattolo” (Squirrel) adventure path, the area of creative games. In San Martino, a small village of Urbania, the visitor has a wide range of possibilities. Besides, children can have fun outdoor thanks to available space, through simple and not dangerous games, which are able to stimulate their imagination.


If you want your children to live a wonderful experience immersed in nature, with animals and peace, this park represents the correct place. Thanks to the availability of people working there, who actually will guide you through the paths of the park, discovering animals such as deer, roe deer, and so on. The park is equipped with facilities to make your visit easier, like picnic areas with wooden tables and benches, the possibility to use barbecue and wooden oven, a small bar where you can get a coffee, cold drinks, ice cream, sandwiches and wraps. All surrounded by a beautiful forest, an ideal place to spend a beautiful day with your children!

(Info: Pro Loco Sestino – tel. 338.4343052 – Open period: 25.04 / 30.09)


“Children need to know themselves as much as they need to discover the world; and this kind of information can be obtained only acting in the world, that is through the interaction between human beings. Children need more experience and less television.” John Condry, 1993.

In 2013 the “Parco Acrobatico Forestale” (Forest Acrobatic Park) was created in the territory of Carpegna at about 1000 m above sea level. It is an equipped area with 11 paths among trees, where the environmental impact is zeroed. It is in the middle of the Natural Park of Simone and Simoncello. The context is very interesting and important thanks to its landscape and suitable for walks.