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Sport and nature


Even a long walk starts with one step!

A huge mosaic of environments with many shapes, colors and scents, which change season by season. In this border land differences are visible, but at the same time its strong identity looks like always intact.

Montefeltro offers to people able to observe it the feeling of discovery, paths of hundreds of Kilometers, combining history, art and nature.

In this territory sea and mountain meet each other very often because of their geographic proximity. If you walk along the valleys of the Metauro, Foglia and Conca, in a few minutes you will reach the Adriatic costs. A few Italian territories can offer mountain, hill and sea in such a small distance.

We organize guided tours with specific staff from CAI routes under request.


“The Carpegna is enough to me” Marco Pantani

The mountains of Montefeltro are the location where Pantani loved to train (the slope that rises from Carpegna to Cippo is full of evidences, such as pictures and posters). There are lots of routes to deal with a mountain bike. They are real trips immersed in nature, characterized by emotions, fatigue, fun and a lot of satisfaction.

Contact us to arrange tour (with or without guide) in the hills of Montefeltro.


“Earth would be too much dull without mountains”

Montefeltro is also the place for free climbing and sport climbing, tank to its rocks, San Leo, San Marino, Maiolo, Perticara and Pennabilli, Nerone Mountain.


“ Skiing with sea view”


Would you like to ski with a sea view? Ski slopes of Carpegna Mountain at over 1300 m above sea level offer panoramic background instead of the usual rocky peaks, i.e. the Adriatic sea between Cattolica and Rimini. After building the chair lift, slopes reached the top of Carpegna Mountain, allowing the creation of new paths.

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The ski area is served by a ski tow and it is possible to cover approximately 6 km of slopes alternating beautiful beech forests with areas with wonderful panoramic views.

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