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There are many clichés about Italy, but the good food and the passion for cooking is a certainty. From north to south, wherever you go you will find a deep-rooted food culture in time and space with recipes, preparations and products that are handed down from generation to generation as a precious heritage. The Montefeltro is border territory (at the turn of  Marche, Umbria and Emilia Romagna), if you are looking for “new” flavors, fruit of ancient typical recipes of this part of central Italy, will not disappoint you, indeed. … It remains fascinated and satisfied.

You can discover with MontefeltroLiving that you do not need to stray too far from where you live to enjoy each time different preparations, typical of such a vast territory, dishes with ingredients sometimes bizarre. You will enjoy the pleasure of eating well, taste for wholesome food, seasonal products and strictly in place, cooked to perfection with wisdom and dedication.

You will find that eating well is equivalent to feel good. Therefore the total fulfillment will not only related to food. Including the mentally and psychologically conscious of staying in a context with a family welcome, where relations are friendly and personal relationships are favored.


In which place of Montefeltro you want to stay? Whatever the selected site, within this beautiful area of hills and small villages, I can guaranteed that you that you can find at least one traditional event or a festival.

Colorful village festivals for exalt, promote and commercialize a typical product or particular tradition. Eat in one of these demonstrations, sit in a booth surrounded by an informal and cheerful climate, with other people and with the same desire to have fun, with the infectious smile and the desire to enjoy the food that the houswives have prepared for you in a genuine and artisan way. This is what you would call a “alternative street food”.It will be so, without even realizing it, you ate donkey (jackass would say!) In wet and / or fried frogs (July: Feast of the Donkey in Mercatello sul Metauro, April: Palio della Rana Fermignano). Not only, you can also compete with the past, eating in person, with your hands, what was special of the day for the dukes of Montefeltro in one of the many historical re-enactments.

And since everything you eat is fruit of the place and time, also the festivals will have their season with bruschettate (Monterone 14 August), panzanella (Lamoli August 14 to 15) and fish soup to cool the summer, truffles and mushrooms as well as chestnuts to announce the autumn (September: feast of the black truffle in Frontino, October / November: truffle National Festival first in Sant’Angelo in Vado and then in Acqualagna – October: chestnut Festival in Lunano).

And if any occasion was a good for eat, religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter are perfect celebrations to put on the table the triumph of tradition. Particularly “felt” in the areas of Montefeltro is the Easter breakfast: Forget croissants, yogurt, jam and cereals. The end of Lent is here celebrated with the sound of “coradella” (lamb offal), cake sharp cheese and sausages of all kinds,  everything accompanied by red wine from the earliest hours of the morning…you will feel perhaps a little weighed down but definitely satisfied. Head to the day of the Easter eve in one of the Pubs of the Old Town of Urbania and you will have ample proof!

The food as is often happend is accompanied by good wine, still now in the months of September and October, time of year when formerly,the wine cellars were emptied of old wine to make room for the new. The cellars of many countries open their doors to visitors by setting up temporary local in which to sip good wine accompanied by small delicacies of local cuisine.

Food becomes a reason for aggregation, it urges us to be creative and curious to know traditions and places, becoming itself a good reason for travel.

In the events section you will find a detailed of all festivals and events to attend and do not miss anything about the tradition and local gastronomy.


The Montefeltro territory as well as being rich in background food and wine events and is also dotted with local and homemade-looking typical to sample the culinary excellence of this corner of Italy.

For the most demanding palates can not propose that the famous white truffle. This fragrant tuber is exhibited, sold and cooked at two very important fairs that are held in the town of Sant’Angelo in Vado (4 WEEKEND) in October and in the municipality of Acqualagna, the center now famous  to national and international press, in the month of November.

If, however, you are unable to be our guest in recent months,do not despair, you just have lunch at the Ristrorante “The Contrade” in Piandimeleto to eat the best tagliatelle with truffles of this area or dine at Osteria del Parco in Acqualagna to taste omelettes, croutons and tagliata, all with generous sprinkling of white truffle.


If you love meat,the genuine coming straight from local farms, well, you will be spoiled for choice … are in fact many accommodation facilities where you can enjoy barbecues and cut cooked with skill and imagination.

We suggest you to do a visit to the castle of Frontino and after admiring the streets so neat and perfectly preserved in time, stop eating in the Farm “The Golden Spike”, local new plant, in the name of tradition, which includes 4 also immaculate rooms (ask for one of the two sisters of “ravioli” speck, walnuts and blue chees) or head to Piobbico, enjoy a tour of the country dominated by the castle Brancaleoni and during the return after maybe climbed up Castle Naro, make a stop at the Osteria from Vigno.In return from Urbino,to Urbania after a visit to the nearby church of the dead (with finds mummified) in addition to the Ducal Palace, in a bend where the river Metauro gives way to orchards and flower gardens you can not miss a stop at the House Dyeing (former Osteria del Cucco). Ask Dody( the cook) bringing its fantastic appetizers and / or a first with borage. If you have decided to take a hike on the Sasso Simone and you’re tired and hungry, close to Sestino L’Osteria di Travicello with its home cooking, excellent homemade pasta and the “Chianina” perfectly cooked it will certainly succeed to satisfy your palate.


While not the Montefeltro is land of great vineyards and famous wineries, there will be bottles of scented wine to color your tables.

Making wine at home is in fact a tradition for farm families in this area, some of these have made this tradition for research the excellence.

For example the farm Valturio is since 2002 that produces excellent wines (now the international brand) from grapes grown in the heavily hills area of Macerata Feltria and The Wine Company “La Montata” in Sant’Angelo in Vado that since 2003 produces in addition to whithe and red wine to match with the local cuisine also also excellent Passiti smoked, and wine Sour Cherry.

The sour cherry wine, a wine obtained from the fermentation of the grape but not of a particular variety of black cherries, is a typical product of Marche and especially the Montefeltro. It is an aromatic wine not too sweet, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste,used mostly for tasting and dessert in excellent accompaniment with desserts, pastries and homemade donuts.

It is a niche wine, whose production is still severely limited and rooted in the community, a precious asset treasure that,it should be disclosed, but at the same time protected.

The Montefeltro is also land of master brewers: the traditions of Northern Europe are conjugated to a rural life in order to maintain the authenticity and quality of the objects produced and obtain aromas and flavors unknown to any commercial beer.

The brand La Cotta of Sassocorvaro is now a wonderful reality of the territory. He has created a beautiful site in a panoramic position, both for the production of beer (it is now known that a brewery holds high quality thanks to the neighboring cultivated and water with undisputed quality) for both the tasting of typical dishes: croutons meter, first, meat as well as a pizza baked in a wood really good. Here you can sip a various qualities beers produced ( clear, red, amber) and find out firsthand by visiting the premises as this delicious drink is produced.

Another jewel in the production of craft beer that has its roots in the territory of Montefeltro is the company Collesi in Apecchio produced with the utmost care in the selection of raw materials and the second, an old monastic recipe. You can taste the beer Collesi in the best wine shops, pizzerias and restaurants in the area, tasted as aperitif with light appetizers (the clear) per meal with red meat and grilled (one black and one amber) or even after a meal as an accompaniment to desserts (the red).

We suggest that you do not miss the wine shop Vinitaly, know as “ da Pistola”,in the cathedral square in Urbania. Local with friendly atmosphere and full of enthusiasm that will entice you to extend your dinner aperitif where host-expert sommelier (along with the whole family) will be ready to recommend wine or beer suits your tastes, accompanied by hot croutons, cold cuts and other small snacks freshly prepared.The wine bar organizes throughout the year a series of events with live music and themed tastings, you can also order other dishes taste like shin and potatoes, meat skewers and fish. However staff are always helpful and polite he will try to meet your every need.