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Scritto il 22.09.2021

If you are looking to buy and improve your Italian house, there are generous amounts of state bonus available for the renovations.

Inside the Superbonus made by the Italian government, homeowners have the opportunity to benefit from a tax deduction of up to 110% on the costs related to the energy upgrade and the reduction of seismic risk.

Two different bonuses are currently active in Italy for restorations (and can be requested at the same time): Ecobonus for energy efficiency and Sismabonus for reduce earthquake risks. There is also the possibility to buy a ruin and use the bonuses to rebuild the house.

Regulations are constantly subject to change, so it is very important to seek advice before accessing the tax bonuses and starting works.


To benefit from this bonus, it is necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the building by at least two classes. The energy classes are indicated by a letter and range from G (the worst) to A (the best).

The most common works concern the insulation of horizontal surfaces (roofs and floors) and vertical surfaces (walls) as long as they belong to heated rooms and are adjacent to a cold environment (external or unheated). Other works foreseen by the superbonus concern the replacement of windows, the replacement of heating systems and the installation of renewable sources. Each category of works has its own expenditure ceiling which can be covered by state incentives.

The incentive can be applied to any private home with a heating system, with the exception of luxury properties. In order to access the bonus it is necessary to have an energy performance certificate (APE) and to carry out a feasibility study that proves the overcoming of the two classes.

It is possible to access the bonus in two different ways:

  • the first way is to get a five-year tax deduction (great for offsetting high taxes). The requirement to use this type of payment is to be a resident of Italy and pay income taxes. The amount spent on the renovation (increased by 10%) will be deducted from the annual taxes in the following 5 years, provided of course that you have at least that amount of taxes to pay.
  • the second method, the most used and which does not require a residence in Italy, involves the transfer of the tax credit to third parties in exchange for a commission. The third party can be a bank or the contractor.
    It is possible to obtain more information on the Superbonus directly from the Italian Government website.


This bonus has been designed to reduce the seismic-risk of buildings, making it perfect for homes to be renovated. Also in this case a feasibility study by technicians is necessary that demonstrates a reduction for the home of at least one class of seismic risk. The renovation work will obviously have to follow constraints that mantain the characteristics of the building intact as size, type and shape.

Access to credit is also completely similar to the previous one. The choice of the type of credit depends on your personal possibilities such as the amount of income taxes that you pay in Italy or from residence.

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