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Casciotta d’Urbino DOP

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The name “ Casciotta” it comes from the ancient term “cascio”, the territorial linguistics variant of the most widespread “cacio”.
The first written records on the use of this cheese dates back to the great banquet for the wedding of the Sforza and Della Rovere, which occurred in the Marche region in the period between 1400 and 1600.
The most famous admirator of the product was the great Michelangelo Buonarroti. He did buy his faithful servant Francesco Amadori from Castel Durante (nicknamed the Urbino) a number of farms in the territory durantino, with the intent to have a continuous supply of “casciotte “.
The area of production of Casciotta d’Urbino coincides with the entire province of Pesaro – Urbino, in an environment characterized by meadows, pastures, grasslands and plateaus.
The band in which it develops the livestock of sheep from the line Montemaggiore, Cartoceto, Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, Colbordolo, about 20 km from the sea, to climb inside, particularly near Urbino and Montefeltro.
The technique of production is expected that the coagulation of the milk takes place at a temperature of 35°C.The cheese is subjected to a manual pressing in suitable molds; Dry salting is carried out, or alternating the brine to dry salting.
Characteristics of the cheese
Casciotta of Urbino is a semi-cooked cheese made from a mixture of sheep’s milk (70-80%) and cow’s milk (20-30%), pasteurized whole.
It ‘easy to digest, valuable vitamins and antioxidants that help fight cellular aging. It has a low cholesterol level. The flavor is sweet but full.
Casciotta of Urbino has obtained the recognition of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) with the European Community Regulation n. 1107/96.

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