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Angelicus Passito Wine

Price: € 27,50

Name: Smoked Passito IGT MARCHE BIANCO Bottle ML500
And ‘the wine of tradition, in every peasant family was produced Vino Santo, obtained with the choice of the best grapes in the vineyard that were hung in kitchens, places where the hearth in winter was always on, which tied bunches with string were attached to the nails on real passion wooden ceilings. The smoke and the heat of the fireplace dried berries and in Holy Week were pressed.
Then the wine was put in the cellar and during the years had a continuous fermentation and was tapped when there was a need.
It was the most important wine and was served only in the best occasions: the birth of a child and the bottle of his vintage was put off to drink it at the time of his marriage; open when you beat the 100 tons of wheat; on the occasion of visits by important people; as a gift to the parish priest or doctor.
From this story, from this tradition, with the improvement of management in the vineyard, with the care and selection of the grapes, with winemaking methods with careful not to alter, but to improve the management of the final result …
Born ANGELICUS. Vinification and aging: The grapes of old Trebbiani with sparse grape is hanging on a single bunch for 4/5 months in places where from time to time you turn on the fireplace to smoke. It follows the manual selection of the berries, and a pressing in three stages for a total of 15 hours from which we get three choices, the wort is cooled for 5 days left to decant the gross lees, then, almost limpid, is sent in fermentation. At the end of this phase is transferred on demibarrique from 112 liters to allow oxidation scolme where ages for 36 months. Then unfiltered is prepared and put in bottles.
Grapes: Ancient Trebbiano.
Color: golden yellow.
Bouquet: From honey to ripe fruit, from floral to pleasant smoked.
Taste: Sweet, balanced, persistent.
Service: On goblets of medium size and 14 ° c.
Pairings: All pastry, fruit cakes, pies, cheeses ..

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