PERGOLA / A.G453.03

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Marche countryside FOR SALE couple of farmhouses to be restored within the municipal area of ​​Pergola. The property is located along a country road and is easily accessible from the town of Pergola, just 5 km away.
The two farmhouses for sale are in a ruined state and are both in need of renovation. The main house is spread over three levels and boasts a floor area of ​​about 155 square meters and a basement of a further 30 square meters for a total area of ​​about 340 square meters. The second farmhouse is also spread over three levels and consists of a small basement room and two further floors of about 60 square meters each for a total of 130 square meters.
Included in the sale, as a courtyard, are about 1.1 hectares of land. The restructuring operations that must involve both buildings are not subject to particular constraints, it is therefore possible to use the volumes available to model a single large house, which can also be arranged in a different position within the land owned (for example slightly more detached than the road for a greater privacy).