FAMILY HOUSE - Montefeltro Living




The intervention (currently being completed for the internal parts) is presented as renovation of the existing building with a small volumetric expansion in the basement and in the front of the balcony on the first floor. The objectives are twofold. On the one hand a new layout of the external fronts, on the other (to be carried out simultaneously) bear an appropriate comfort to the housing units. The works, viewed as a whole, spanning two different categories: the new construction of “architectural volumes” (expansion) and the general renovation of the building (not including structural parts). The main items, components restructuring include: the replacement of the roof covering, painting of facades with insertion of a string course, the construction of small objects in the pedestrian entrance with retraction of the gate. The new volumes to be realized, however, allow a better reading of the property, which will enjoy therefore of a more functional use. The main feature will be represented by a small roof, it made cantilever that runs from the entrance area to the volume of the front stairwell on the left flank.