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It is typical of this area, it is rare and delicious. In the 16th century it was already described as the “food for principles, for the tables of lords and nobles, who considered it as the best gift.” It is known also as “lightning mushroom” since it grows very fast and “mushroom of St. George, because it rises during the feast of this Saint (23 April).

It grows in hilly and mountainous areas, meadows and fields, lands used for pasture. It develops from April to May. During the months of April and May there are many festivals dedicated to it. It can be used to make different preparations: on pasta, omelettes, sandwiches, soups, and pizza!


Stocky and massive, it fully justifies its name, which is the exact translation of the name that the Romans gave to it (Suillus). It can reach a big size. Often people have found pieces of more than 1-2 kg.

It grows under some kinds of trees. Often first pieces are found in the middle of May, until the beginning of November.