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Cultura, The Genius of Montefeltro

In the land of the Artists!

Montefeltro is above all art. Many artists and important people were born here, such as:

Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1551), the “divine” painter

Madonna and Child” (Urbino), his works are very famous in Rome, Florence and now they are exhibited all over the world

Donato Bramante (1444-1514), the fantastic genius of architecture,

Who studied in Urbino (Piero della Francesca taught perspective to him),he worked very hard in Milan and then in the Papal Court.

Girolamo Genga (1476c.-1551), painter, sculptor, architect

Since he was an architect, he designed the Church of St. Giovanni Battista in Pesaro. Many of his painters are exhibited in Brera, Florence, Siena …

Federico Barocci (1534-1612), famous painter

 “Last supper” Cathedral of Urbino, his portraits are very famous. The so-called fresco “Annunciazione” is in Belvedere Palace in Rome.

Federico Brandani (1525-1575), delicate and elegant sculptor

Decoration of room King of England at the Palazzo Ducale (Urbino), bas-reliefs of the “Martyrdom of St. Catherine” in the same church (Urbino) 

Timoteo Viti (1469c.-1523) painter who worked also with majolica

Buried in the church of S. Francesco (Urbino), the works of his maturity is  in the Ducal Palace of Urbino: “Santa Apollonia”, “Trinity” and “Annunciation” 

Nicola da Urbino (m. 1538) famous painter and  ceramist

In the Ducal Palace of Urbino there is a rich collection of ceramics, including works by Nicola da Urbino

Federico Comandino (1506-1575) famous mathematician, butalso a scientist, humanist and physician

He was the teacher of Torquato Tasso. His publications about the gravity of solids and its classic translations from Archimedes and Euclid are very famous.