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Piandimeleto is a village characterized by the Oliva Caslte, which was built on a flat ground instead of a rocky spur. The village history is strictly linked to the story of the castle and the Oliva Counts who moved there in the 14th century from the village of Piagnano erecting a fortified dwelling on the preexisting building. 


The so-called “Castello dei Conti Oliva di Piandimeleto” was built as defensive fortress but in the second half of the 15th century (in 1445 after the attack and destruction of the building by Federico Sforza)  it was turned into a refined Renaissance dwelling by the Count Carlo Oliva. Currently the castle houses 4 museums: the “Museo della civiltà Contadina” (Museum of peasants), the “Museum delle scienze della terra” (Museum of Earth Sciences), the “Museo dell’Araldica” (Museum of coats of arms), and the “Erbario delle Marche” (Herbarium of the Marche).

A few meters from the Castle there is the old convent of St. Augustine (currently the Church of St. Biagio). The former convent actually preserves the old Gothic portal, which shows the building date, i.e. 1285. Inside the church there are tombstones of the Oliva family and frescos of the 15th-16th centuries.

It is interesting to visit the Ubaldiana Art Collection preserved in the “Biblioteca Civica” (Civic Library). It is a collection of art works, documents and books given by Ugo Ubaldi to the town in 1968. 


Close to Piandimeleto there are two small medieval villages (Cavoleto and Monastero), where you can admire wonderful views of Montefeltro.